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I have an idea for a medical advice website that I believe would fill an unmet need for patients. I have never created a website nor authored this type of advice in the past. My preliminary design would include an initial set of articles/posts written by me, and a forum for patients to ask questions directly.
Although I would enjoy writing the articles and answering questions, eventually I would hope to make side income from this website. I have a bunch of questions:-I would love to keep it simple initially, but I realize if I am posting medical advice I may set myself up for liability issues. I'm guessing I would have to put a disclaimer that this should not replace your doctor's advice, blahblahblah. Is there a way to do this without getting a lawyer involved?-Could I do this anonymously? I realize with some minor digging people could find out who I am, but I would rather not put my real name out there for the casual viewer.
-Without going into too much detail, the topic would lend itself to personal "consults" specific to each patient. This would be something more lenghty and involved than a reply to a forum post. Would it be possible/wise to set this up as a paid service? This would involve reviewing medical reports the patient already has in their possession.

Please help.

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